On and On

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

My musical kryptonite. It was the sound I was looking for, but couldn't put my finger on...

It's very hard to explain, but I understand the roots. The music you made was also root activating, but honestly, Chakras are besides the point.

Earlier in the evening I was on the floor, and you gave me the guitar. It didn't seem to call me like it called you, and I was jealous. It seemed seamless, your read of the room, translated to mood and through your hands and fingers. You are so connected to the earth, and I've always wanted to leave it. Just to see what's outside of my reach. And you were just outside of my reach.

You know, I've never been serenaded before. So I just sat there, and we didn't say anything to each other. You were just playing guitar. And my heart rate slowed down, and my body sunk into the couch. I could see the pink light creeping on the edge of the floor to the rug, and I thought to my self that I could stay here forever.

And so I went on and on...

Extra Content:

Live lyric Video for Bonus Track, "Leo."

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