Monday Moon Horoscope:

August 3rd, 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius, in opposition with Sun in Leo

No Chakras to Focus on, but maybe do a 30 workout at some point today. 

Under this moon, you may have difficulty seeking emotional freedom, but it

is a great day to take action. 

Moon Sextile w/ Mars in Aries

Moon Square with Uranus in Taurus. 


Signs most likely to be affected: Aquarius Moon, Leo Sun, Taurus Sun. 


Do your best to stay emotionally centered. If you are dealing with an internal struggle, turn to journaling and release your thoughts. The moon’s position is making you crave emotional freedom, but don’t be hasty in dealing with the heart today.

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Monday Moon Horoscope: 


July 27th, 2020 4:12am


First Quarter Moon in Scorpio. 


Chakras to focus on: Root and Sacral


Signs most likely to be affected: Scorpio Moon, Leo Sun, and Capricorn Sun & Moon. 


During this moon, you will want your emotional exchanges and connections to be as deep as possible. The Moon is currently square with 3 planets; Jupiter Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. 


Today should be a positive day for you overall, however, you may be in a mood. 

May it be a depression episode, or manic period, it is important to realize that your mood does not reflect your reality, and that you are loved by others. Give yourself an affirmation in the mornings when you are feeling down. 

If you are feeling compulsive, it may be because of a feeling that you have been suppressing. If you confront your own emotions head on, this day will be easier for you. 

It is important to not get into emotionally delicate conversations with your partner(s) , it may lead to a temporary separation if approached with coldness.

If your emotions are flowing, turn to journaling or a creative pursuit. The Moon in the 5th house will help in this endeavor.  


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Venus reading 


Signs most likely to be affected: Gemini and Pisces Sun & Venus.


Venus is in Gemini, Square with Neptune in Pisces 


This may make you delusional in your romantic expectations. Your loved ones may have a hard time dealing with you.

Tread carefully with your partner(s). Avoid projecting fantasy onto your relationship. If you break up today, it may be based on a fundamental misunderstanding of each other. You may not have based your expectations in reality to begin with. Try not to let this hurt your ego. 

Venus is in the 12th house, which is a normally smooth transit but when it is square with Neptune, unresolved problems within your relationship will come to the surface. If you handle these problems with grace, you will be successful in your romantic dealings. 


You may spend the day dreaming. Day dream all you want as long as it doesn't interfere with your tasks. If you’re an artist this can manifest as creativity, make something today!


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